Posted by: Orhiex | January 4, 2011

New Age in New Year

Yesterday (03012011) is my beautiful birthday. I just wanna say ALHAMDULILLAH (so many many many thanks for ALLAH). Cuz i am given a chance to have a better life than before. Alhamdulillah for a lot of unexpected lucks for my fam. Oh, how wonderful life that i have.



This post is dedicated to :
# My beloved L and baby Aisha : thank you for beautiful gifts :*
# My big fam : thank you for the supports
# My friends : thank you for remembering that day

Now, its time to make a new wish, get focus on my new job and enjoy my holiday with baby Aisha.

*love u all



  1. Ulang taun toohh… Happy Birthdayyy ibu cantiikk…
    Smoga sukses selalu dimanapun kau berada…
    sun sayang untuk Aisha ya..

    • Makasi mbak tanti, sun jauh dr baby Aisha. Eh mbak udah ada pameran nama blm di b**?

  2. happy (belated) birthday.. 🙂

    • Udah telat ini jeng

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